Saturday, November 26, 2011

Tofu Falafel with Pita

You can grab it any time of the day... Great for a heavy breakfast or lunch on the go or just a lazy light little dinner...

  • Coarsely grate braised (baiyen) Tofu**, half a carrot. Put the mixture in a pan and fry in just about a tablespoon of oil. Let the carrot soften.
  • Add fresh tender peas (defrost the peas, if frozen) and fry for 5 minutes.
  • Add salt, chilly powder and seasoning as desired.
  • Now transfer this to a bowl to cool the mixture. Form patties of the mixture and place in a pan with just a teaspoon oil. (Mashed potato can be added to give binding strength to the mixture).
  • Fry till they have a golden brown color on either sides (The patties don't need deep frying)
  • Alongside, toast the Pita breads till they have a brownish hue.
  • Cut into halves and make a slit along the diameter to form pockets.
  • Wrap a lettuce leaf around the patty and insert it into the pocket.
  • Make a tangy dip with some fresh mint, salt and two tablespoons of fresh curds in a bowl.
Just what you need when you crave for something different...

**You could use cottage cheese or minced meat (as per availability and taste)

Try and tell me how you liked it...

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