Sunday, June 29, 2008

Good Food - Yummy Chole

This is one mouth watering recipe that I love to gobble up any day! : )
  • Soak Choley (Chick Peas) overnight
  • Once they have become soaked and soft, boil them in a pressure cooker so as to soften them. Take care not to over pressure cook, as that may cause them to mash
  • In a frying pan add one tea spoon oil, let it heat. Add cumin seeds, chopped onions, ginger-garlic paste & a pinch of asefotida powder. Let all this fry a little.
  • Now add coriander powder, salt, turmeric, a pinch of red chilly powder & choley masala. Let it heat up for one minute.
  • Now boil some tea water (half a cup) and add it to the above mixture.
  • Add the boiled Chick Peas (Choley) and let it cook for some time, till the tea water dries off
  • If you don't want it to be dry, cook the above only for five minutes taking care the tea water does not completely dry up.
  • Serve hot with Bhaturey / Naan / Roti / Puri - along with some onion rings, lemon slices and green chillies!

Try and Tell me how you liked it.... : )

Eat good, stay happy and healthy!


Autumn Babe said...

hey nidhi,

thanks for droppin by.
btw, how did you reach my blog?
just to let you know, the one with the shell shape is known as curry puff here whereby it is filled with potato curry or spicy sardine. the second one i don't know what it calls but outside is sugar and it is made of a type of potato which i don't know it's name again. the third one, in malaysia, yeah, it is like bread but inside is filled with spicy the way, please drop by more often. you have too many blogs, i don't know i should insert my comment on which one. :D

Autumn Babe said...

hey girl,

haha~ just to let you know that i really love indian food especially thosai!