Monday, February 11, 2008

Good Food - Methi Paratha

You can call it Thepla too (in Gujarati). Or leave the name...just relish it...after all what's in a name! : )

  • Take four handfuls of Wheat Flour in a wide bowl.
  • Put a handful of fresh washed Methi Leaves (Don't forget to remove those stems!)
  • Put a teaspoon of salt, half teaspoon haldi (turmeric), a pinch of Garam Masala, a pinch of Dhaniya powder (coriander powder), a tea spoon of vegetable oil, two teaspoon of sesame seeds (Til seeds)
  • Make a dough with milk and little water (Once the dough is ready, just Dab a little oil to make it non-sticky)
  • Make small balls out of this dough and flatten it to make good round shaped roti
  • While this roti heats up, dab a little oil on it to make parathas.

Combines Best with : Eat it plain, with sabji, vegetables, Ketchup... Can be eaten any time of the day!!!

Try and Tell me how you liked it.... : )

Eat good, stay happy and healthy!

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1 comment:

[Supra]™ said...

makes me completely nostalgic.......remembering the golden days back in IIT savourig the roadside paranthas and watching the cars zooming past on the outer ring road..........

PS: Can we have some non-veg recipes too??